Monday, May 11, 2009

They are really growing up FAST!

I wanted to show you all some more recent pictures of the girls. These are just some cute ones I took recently. Keep in mind its nearly impossible to get a "good" picture of both girls at the same time!!

This is a picture of the girls playing on the front porch. This is a regular thing for us these days. Whenever we go somewhere I say "lets go outside!" and they run to the front door. I let them walk out themselves and they spend a few minutes playing on the front porch, aka eating the lava rocks in the garden. This works great because it buys me a few minutes to get everything else ready -- putting Tucker in his cage, getting juice cups, diaper bag and my purse, etc.

And here the girls are having a snack at their little table! I lock them in by putting their chair between the table and the wall, we learned this lesson from our cousin, Savannah who fell out of her little chair and broke her wrist! The girls love eating their snacks here, I think they really feel like big girls this way.


Katie said...

i love pressley's hair in the first picture. those big bows are too cute! thanks for sharing these pictures - i can't wait to see the girls in 3 weeks!

Susan Sene said...

They are so adorable! Indeed they are growing up fast - sittin at their own lil table!

Lorren said...

I love those girls! Pressley looks so much bigger than Lyla in that last picture. I know a lot has to do with angle, but it made me laugh anyways!

Erin said...

They are too cute and so big! It makes me sad that I can't be closer to watch them grow. Come see us in Atlanta!