Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quick Kru update

This is way overdue.  And I know I owe a post on the girls, but I am not keeping a baby book, so this is my record keeping.

CRAWLING: Kru has been "crawling" for a couple of months now.  I haven't posted anything about it because he started with an army crawl and then just got REALLY good and REALLY fast at that.  He never got off his belly!  We joke all the time about the fact that he has a pretty big belly to lift and that we can't really blame him. 

I know that counts as "crawling" but I still thought he'd eventually do a normal crawl, but I guess not, I think this is Kru's crawl.  Although, we went to a water park the other day and he was sitting in the weather, he went to crawl and realized the ground was rough, he lifted that belly up and crawled without any problem. 

FOOD:  About 3 weeks ago Kru started to become very aware of our food.  He would be content with his baby food but as soon as he caught a glimpse of the other food at the table all he wanted was that!  He pretty much gave up baby food cold turkey.  I had forgotten how hard it is to come up with finger foods!   But he makes it easy, anything I put in front of him, he eats.

WALKING:  The real reason for this post.  I have to document the fact that Kru took his first steps today!  I don't think hes going to start running around the house anytime soon.  He is still very shaky and unsure but he was standing on his own and he lifted one foot up and moved it forward.  And then, HE DID IT AGAIN!  We were at Great-grandmother, Great-grandaddy and Aunt Susan's house so they got to witness it, too.  Awesome!!!

TEETH:  He has 6!!  He has had 3 for quite a while now.  Bottom two and one of the teeth outside his front teeth on top (not the middle two, but one of the ones on the side of that) and overnight last night the 2 front teeth and the other side tooth came in.  Thats right, 3 at once, and believe me, David and I have paid for it!  Phew!!  He didn't make it easy on us!

TEMPERMENT:  He is an absolute joy!!  I know, I'm biased, but anyone will tell you.  He is such a charmer, he hasn't met a stranger, he can make anyone and everyone fall in love with him.  His smile is magical.  And those big, blue eyes.... Oh my goodness!  They just make me melt.  He is all boy, loves to move, loves to play but he is also one of the cuddliest and most loving children I've ever met.  And his sisters... they are CRAZY about him!!  They are always cooing to him "Hey, bubby!", "I love you!" and Lyla's new favorite thing is to "teach" Kru.  She wants to teach him everything!  And they are both so proud of him.  They celebrate all of his "firsts" with him and get so excited for him.  Its wonderful to watch.

CUTE BABY TRICKS:  He can give high five.  He claps -- his favorite thing is to clap for himself.  So cute!  Anytime you say "Yea, Kru!"  he just starts clapping.  He waves.  And he is starting to blow kisses.  He brings his hands up to his mouth but thats about it.

VOCABULARY:  "Ma!", "Mom!", "Mama!".  I think thats about it -- at least those are his favorites and not necessarily because he loves his mommy so much but because he is in that stage where when I walk out of his line of sight he just starts calling for me.  So, I hear this about a million times a day.  He also says "Dada" and "Nigh, nigh" and "ba-ba" -- for bottle and bye-bye (same sound).  I guess thats about all.   Not too verbal yet.


I think thats a fair update.  He is one amazing boy and has blessed our family in so many ways.  He thank God for him!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2010 House Projects

I have decided to make a "Project List".  These are chores and projects I hope to complete by the end of the year.  I'm going to "page" that you can get to at the top of the blog so you can check back to see where I'm at!  A few of these projects will cost some money so if I'm not able to complete them by the end of the year you may see fabric and paint on our  Christmas lists.  These are in no particular order and I will add to it as more things come up.

  • Clean out the girls closet -- its pretty organized but there are old Dr. Brown and Playtex bottles, sippy cups, receiving blankets that I held onto in case another baby needed and since Kru didn't -- its time for them to go!
  • Set up the "office" corner in our bedroom
  • Paint our bedroom
  • Make/buy curtains for our bedroom
  • Make a headboard for our bedroom
  • Paint our bathroom
  • Pait our cabinets in the bathroom
  • Put things on the walls in our bathroom and bedroom (can you tell our bathroom/bedroom has always been at the bottom of the list?!?)
  • Make/but curtains for the den/dining room and kitchen -- all of downstairs.
  • Paint the powder room and buy a new hand towel
  • Repaint the picture frames hanging in the den -- they are black now and I'd like to paint them blue or something (a color to match the new curtains!) to add a pop of color to our den.
  • Put new pictures in the frames in our den -- Kru is not represented AT ALL!
  • Organize our craft supplies.
  • Organize the toys in the garage 
  • Make buy some curtains for the playroom
  • Come up with a creative way to display the girls artwork -- which is multiplying very quickly these days!
  • Paint the upstairs hallway
  • Convert the girls to twin beds.  They are in toddler beds now and I'd like them to be in twin beds by the end of the year.
  • Paint all the brass door knobs 
  • Buy some plants!  I've always killed plants, but I'd like one or two around the house.  I've kept a basil plan alive and thriving for 2 weeks now and that little burst of green life on my kitchen windowsill has brought me a lot of joy and I'd like more.

For now, thats it.  There are lots of little things I'd like to do, a picture frame here or there, etc.  But this is the bulk of it.  Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer fun!

Click to make it larger.

Kru is learning how to eat Cheerios!

Clearly he has a long road ahead of him, 
but when this is your teacher, what do you expect?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Daddy Daughter Date

David took the girls on a "date" tonight.  They were so excited.  They wanted their hair done, they didn't fight me when I got them dressed.  It was cute to see them look forward to their date.  I was also surprised they seemed to know what a "date" was.  They kept asking if they were going to go on a "big boat" like Mommy and Daddy or if they were going to go on a plane like Gaga and Papa (my parents just got back from a trip to France).  I guess I use the word "date" more than I thought! 

They went to Chick-fil-a for Kids Eat Free night.  David got them Sprite which is a very rare treat.  He said they didn't enjoy it as much as we thought they would.  They might have enjoyed a juice box more.  They played in the playground a little bit and then got an ice dream.  All 3 of them really enjoyed themselves.

Kru and I stayed home, cleaned up the house a little bit and he went to bed early.  I can't wait till hes old enough for us to go on dates, too!

Monday, June 7, 2010

We have a consonant sound!

Kru started saying the "B" sound yesterday! He says it all the time now and today I think I've heard a few "P" and "G" sounds, too! He is certainly having fun with his sounds.

Getting big so fast! Too fast!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

One of my favorite nights

This is going to be more like a journal entry than a blog post for me tonight. I just don't ever want to forget this night. David is out of town and I typically HATE putting the kids down when he is away. I'm usually impatient and grouchy. And of course, when I have a bad attitude going into it, my kids feel it and respond unfavorably. Its just a bad cycle all together.

But not tonight.

My mom and dad were here and the girls were loving their time with them. We danced to the songs of Glee for about an hour. It was so fun (who needs the gym?!? Talk about a workout!!)!! We calmed down, the girls were still entertained so I was able to put Kru to bed without them getting impatient and then my parents left and it was their turn.

It was just precious. They had the happiest hearts, obeyed without me having to ask more than once and were just a complete joy! We read stories, cuddled and kissed.

I started reading a Bible book to them last night -- its a Bible story book for Mothers and Daughters that I got from David's mom when the girls were born. I thought they were still a little young but wanted to start the habit of reading Bible stories to them as soon as possible.

Well, I was wrong.

They got it.

They really got it. It was so amazing (Thanks Mother, this book really blessed the 3 of us tonight!). We were reading about how Eve disobeyed God and ate from the tree God told her not to. They immediately responded to the word "disobeyed" and said Eve should get a spank-spank or go to time out. It went on to say she was punished and I asked the girls if they get punished when they disobey (I wasn't sure they knew the word) and they said they do. They knew what punishment was. And the book talked about how Eve's punishment was to leave the beautiful garden where all the animals were and the girls were sad for her and said "Disobey is a no-no. She has to go to time out".

I don't know if I'm even coming close to portraying what a beautiful moment this was for us. I think more than anything God is really showing me that he is HERE in our lives. I've prayed every day for almost 3 years (I got pregnant in June 3 years ago) that my children would truly KNOW him and now that they are at an age where they are understanding the world around them I've wondered if I was doing a good job. I'm sure thats something I'll always question, but tonight, I feel at peace. My girls know who God is, they are beginning to understand that we lift our hands to him in praise. That we obey him and his commands and when we don't there is punishment.

Next time you see them ask them "Who is the apple of your eye?". They will be sure to tell you that its Jesus! And I'm beginning to think they actually have an inkling of what that really means.

Thank you, God!

Love this!

Here is a video of Pressley dancing in church. We attend the 2nd Service at our church and the kids are in nursery. We've started taking them into the beginning of the 3rd service so they can enjoy the singing. We've been teaching them that we are singing to God and tell him how much we love him!! They really enjoy this time and although I'm sure they don't "get" all of it right now, I know those precious seeds are being planted. I can't watch this video with out tearing up. My hearts prayer is to raise my children to know the Lord and have a personal relationship with him. I hope Pressley's heart (and Lyla and Kru's!) always dances for our Heavenly Father.

I love when she stops to lift her hands (like they are doing on stage), I told her later than when she does that she is lifting her hands to God telling him how much she loves him. She lifts her hands during songs we sing at home now! For some reason Lyla was in a cuddly mood this week and was in David's arms but she can really get into it, too. I'll try to capture that another time.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Family Date night

David and I went on a cruise a few weeks ago.  We had a blast (I'm sure I'll post about this more later), we have desperately needed to reconnect.  A LOT of things have changed for us in the last 27 months!  This was our first time away since becoming parents -- my first night away from my kids other than when I was in the hospital giving birth to Kru!  We decided we needed to have more date nights, go away for a night or two a couple of times a year and save the big trips to do with the kids.  We did NEED this cruise and wouldn't have traded it for the world but we just kept seeing things we wish we could have shared with the kids.  David's family loves to go on cruises so I'm sure we'll go again soon and will get to share it with our kids, I can't wait!

Anyway, as I said, we want to do more date nights.  I was planning one for David -- one I knew HE would love -- a LOST series finale date night.  I woke up one morning and decided to do it that night, so it was kind of thrown together but come off really well.   I got all my ideas from this great website The Dating Divas, they are a bunch of married women that give ideas on how to date your hubby.  I love it! 

So, our date...

I planned on doing a few theme things for David and I to enjoy after the kids went to bed but as I was getting ready I realized the girls would really enjoy a lot of this, too.  So, I decided we would have a family night first, put the kids to bed, and then we'd have our date night time.  It was a great night!!

Our "Dharma" stuff.  Food, a manual (love notes from all of us), a gift which was a shirt with the Dharma symbol:

Our LOST cake. This could have looked a lot cuter but like I said, last minute.
Here we are in our jammies, eating our LOST cake and watching The Incredibles in our life boat (kiddie pool).  This was my favorite part of the night.  Playing in the life boat was SO much fun!  I blew it up while the kids were napping and it was standing up in the kitchen when the girls woke up.  Lyla walked into the kitchen and gasped, she said "Its my big boat!".  She has been so hung up on boats lately!  She is CRAZY about them.  And I thought it was hilarious she knew it was a boat!!  Its very similar to the kiddie pool my mom has at her house so I thought I'd have to convince them it was a boat and not a pool but, nope. 
Playing in the boat was so fun! They loved to "fall out" and let David and I save them. They loved to swim in the "water". They loved to ride the side of the boat like a horsie. Let me tell you, putting a blow up kiddie pool in your den creates a ton of creative play. We will do this again just for the heck of it!

Then the kids went to bed, we turned on the season finale and drank our Dharma White Wine.  :o)  Good times.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Funny stories

Yesterday after naps Lyla announced her name is now "Juicy".  The girls have never named anything before.  I've tried to get them to name their dolls but the "names" they come up with are always "Dollie" or "Baby".  So when she gave herself a name I tried to encourage her and asked her what Pressley's name is.  Before Lyla could answer, Pressley said "My name Strawberry!".  So cute.


This morning the girls have been spending a lot of time playing with their kitchen set.  They were putting the play food in their "purses" and chatting with each other, it was sweet.  Then Lyla comes over to me with her purse full and says "bye-bye Mommy!  I'm going shopping for new shoes!".  I think it struck me as cute because she was so specific.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kru News

First of all....


It must have come through last night because it was not there yesterday.  I knew it was coming and told my mom this week that I thought it would be soon, and sure enough!  There it is!  Its his lower left (if you're looking at him) tooth.  And I've tried to get a picture, but its not quite big enough to show up, but I'll get one soon.  

And, just to document for myself.  I've been making Kru his big boy food, just like I did with the girls.  He started on carrots, just like the girls did and he's also eaten homemade pears.   I hate to admit this, but he has had 3 jars of Earth's Best.  The girls never ate a bite of store bought food but I just wasn't sure I'd have the time this go round, so I bought a few jars.  I even started Kru on Earth's Best and he wasn't crazy about it.  I thought it was just the new taste and tried again, still not to crazy about it.  So I tasted it and it does that that "store bought baby food taste".  I know they don't put any junk in there, but it still tastes weird to me.  So, I whipped up a huge batch of organic carrots and pears -- it took me all of 30 minutes from start to finish and I now have 4 ice cube trays of each.  

The first time I fed him "my" carrots he couldn't get enough!  Kept opening his mouth for more.  IWe even ended up with a clean bib because he didn't spit them out.  It made me so glad I did it.  And I had forgotten how fast it can go and how rewarding it is.  I remember with the girls thinking I could seriously make baby food for a living.  And now I remember why I felt that way!  I just love it.   So did my girls.  And now, so does my boy.  Yay!