Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kru News

First of all....


It must have come through last night because it was not there yesterday.  I knew it was coming and told my mom this week that I thought it would be soon, and sure enough!  There it is!  Its his lower left (if you're looking at him) tooth.  And I've tried to get a picture, but its not quite big enough to show up, but I'll get one soon.  

And, just to document for myself.  I've been making Kru his big boy food, just like I did with the girls.  He started on carrots, just like the girls did and he's also eaten homemade pears.   I hate to admit this, but he has had 3 jars of Earth's Best.  The girls never ate a bite of store bought food but I just wasn't sure I'd have the time this go round, so I bought a few jars.  I even started Kru on Earth's Best and he wasn't crazy about it.  I thought it was just the new taste and tried again, still not to crazy about it.  So I tasted it and it does that that "store bought baby food taste".  I know they don't put any junk in there, but it still tastes weird to me.  So, I whipped up a huge batch of organic carrots and pears -- it took me all of 30 minutes from start to finish and I now have 4 ice cube trays of each.  

The first time I fed him "my" carrots he couldn't get enough!  Kept opening his mouth for more.  IWe even ended up with a clean bib because he didn't spit them out.  It made me so glad I did it.  And I had forgotten how fast it can go and how rewarding it is.  I remember with the girls thinking I could seriously make baby food for a living.  And now I remember why I felt that way!  I just love it.   So did my girls.  And now, so does my boy.  Yay!


Jessica Turner said...

Big fan of baby-food making! And it really is so quick. And I'm with you, the store bought stuff is "off". Plus it is so fun to get to introduce them to their first flavors, etc.
In truth, I still make lots of Q's food and freeze it in cubes (rice and veggies with chicken, cheesy peasy noodles, etc) as I have to send it to daycare in mass quantities.
Enjoy! And happy tooth-having!

Katie said...

a tooth! he's too young!!! don't let him grow up any more!