Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2010 House Projects

I have decided to make a "Project List".  These are chores and projects I hope to complete by the end of the year.  I'm going to "page" that you can get to at the top of the blog so you can check back to see where I'm at!  A few of these projects will cost some money so if I'm not able to complete them by the end of the year you may see fabric and paint on our  Christmas lists.  These are in no particular order and I will add to it as more things come up.

  • Clean out the girls closet -- its pretty organized but there are old Dr. Brown and Playtex bottles, sippy cups, receiving blankets that I held onto in case another baby needed and since Kru didn't -- its time for them to go!
  • Set up the "office" corner in our bedroom
  • Paint our bedroom
  • Make/buy curtains for our bedroom
  • Make a headboard for our bedroom
  • Paint our bathroom
  • Pait our cabinets in the bathroom
  • Put things on the walls in our bathroom and bedroom (can you tell our bathroom/bedroom has always been at the bottom of the list?!?)
  • Make/but curtains for the den/dining room and kitchen -- all of downstairs.
  • Paint the powder room and buy a new hand towel
  • Repaint the picture frames hanging in the den -- they are black now and I'd like to paint them blue or something (a color to match the new curtains!) to add a pop of color to our den.
  • Put new pictures in the frames in our den -- Kru is not represented AT ALL!
  • Organize our craft supplies.
  • Organize the toys in the garage 
  • Make buy some curtains for the playroom
  • Come up with a creative way to display the girls artwork -- which is multiplying very quickly these days!
  • Paint the upstairs hallway
  • Convert the girls to twin beds.  They are in toddler beds now and I'd like them to be in twin beds by the end of the year.
  • Paint all the brass door knobs 
  • Buy some plants!  I've always killed plants, but I'd like one or two around the house.  I've kept a basil plan alive and thriving for 2 weeks now and that little burst of green life on my kitchen windowsill has brought me a lot of joy and I'd like more.

For now, thats it.  There are lots of little things I'd like to do, a picture frame here or there, etc.  But this is the bulk of it.  Wish me luck!


Katie said...

that's quite a list! i can't wait to see pictures of all the updates. i couldn't help but notice on the first list more babies?!?!

kim and justin said...

my-oh-my! i got tired just reading that list... good luck with all your projects :) you are too cute with all your curtains; we've been in our house for 1 1/2 years and only have curtains in 3 rooms... heck, we just put blindes in the front windows a few months ago.

Erin said...

You go girl! I need to give you my house list to hold me to it! Since I am quitting my job (mum's the word on this still) I will have time to get our house finished :) Love you girl. I need to come visit soon.