Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quick Kru update

This is way overdue.  And I know I owe a post on the girls, but I am not keeping a baby book, so this is my record keeping.

CRAWLING: Kru has been "crawling" for a couple of months now.  I haven't posted anything about it because he started with an army crawl and then just got REALLY good and REALLY fast at that.  He never got off his belly!  We joke all the time about the fact that he has a pretty big belly to lift and that we can't really blame him. 

I know that counts as "crawling" but I still thought he'd eventually do a normal crawl, but I guess not, I think this is Kru's crawl.  Although, we went to a water park the other day and he was sitting in the weather, he went to crawl and realized the ground was rough, he lifted that belly up and crawled without any problem. 

FOOD:  About 3 weeks ago Kru started to become very aware of our food.  He would be content with his baby food but as soon as he caught a glimpse of the other food at the table all he wanted was that!  He pretty much gave up baby food cold turkey.  I had forgotten how hard it is to come up with finger foods!   But he makes it easy, anything I put in front of him, he eats.

WALKING:  The real reason for this post.  I have to document the fact that Kru took his first steps today!  I don't think hes going to start running around the house anytime soon.  He is still very shaky and unsure but he was standing on his own and he lifted one foot up and moved it forward.  And then, HE DID IT AGAIN!  We were at Great-grandmother, Great-grandaddy and Aunt Susan's house so they got to witness it, too.  Awesome!!!

TEETH:  He has 6!!  He has had 3 for quite a while now.  Bottom two and one of the teeth outside his front teeth on top (not the middle two, but one of the ones on the side of that) and overnight last night the 2 front teeth and the other side tooth came in.  Thats right, 3 at once, and believe me, David and I have paid for it!  Phew!!  He didn't make it easy on us!

TEMPERMENT:  He is an absolute joy!!  I know, I'm biased, but anyone will tell you.  He is such a charmer, he hasn't met a stranger, he can make anyone and everyone fall in love with him.  His smile is magical.  And those big, blue eyes.... Oh my goodness!  They just make me melt.  He is all boy, loves to move, loves to play but he is also one of the cuddliest and most loving children I've ever met.  And his sisters... they are CRAZY about him!!  They are always cooing to him "Hey, bubby!", "I love you!" and Lyla's new favorite thing is to "teach" Kru.  She wants to teach him everything!  And they are both so proud of him.  They celebrate all of his "firsts" with him and get so excited for him.  Its wonderful to watch.

CUTE BABY TRICKS:  He can give high five.  He claps -- his favorite thing is to clap for himself.  So cute!  Anytime you say "Yea, Kru!"  he just starts clapping.  He waves.  And he is starting to blow kisses.  He brings his hands up to his mouth but thats about it.

VOCABULARY:  "Ma!", "Mom!", "Mama!".  I think thats about it -- at least those are his favorites and not necessarily because he loves his mommy so much but because he is in that stage where when I walk out of his line of sight he just starts calling for me.  So, I hear this about a million times a day.  He also says "Dada" and "Nigh, nigh" and "ba-ba" -- for bottle and bye-bye (same sound).  I guess thats about all.   Not too verbal yet.


I think thats a fair update.  He is one amazing boy and has blessed our family in so many ways.  He thank God for him!!!

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