Tuesday, October 23, 2007

OOPS... its been too long

SO SORRY, Katie... my only regular. I love the fact that you notice when I don't update the blog! Thank you!!!

Not too much is new. I guess I never officially announced that we KNOW we are having 2 girls. We went in for a routine dr appointment a couple of weeks ago and the midwife wasn't able to distinguish 2 separate heartbeats (because the beats were so close together), so she called for an ultrasound. The tech, Cassie, was the same girl that did our last ultrasound, when she guessed it was 2 girls. When I reminded her of that she said she better double check to make sure she was right, and she was!!

I am feeling the babies wiggling and kicking ALL THE TIME now, its such a wonderful feeling! David hasn't been able to feel them yet as they are not very predictable. I am also having a horrible time with indigestion, so, I guess our girls will have full heads of hair! I can't wait to see them and hold them. Its going to be soooo thrilling.

This past weekend was our first official "baby planning" weekend. David and I started out our day early by garage sale-ing to see if there were any specials out there. No such luck. So then we went to Babies R Us, which is not close to us and we started our registry, which was totally overwhelming!! I keep hearing, you don't need 2 of everything just because you're having twins, but you pretty much do! You don't need 2 of the big things, but you do need double of all the little things, like onesies, towels, bibs, bottles, lotion, etc. So, David and I are now constantly calculating how much we are going to be investing in our babies lives over the next few months. It is overwhelming, but WONDERFUL!

Check our our registry at Babies R Us, and we have one started at Target too... If you check out Target you will see the baby bedding we like. I'm so glad we found something we both like that isn't over $300. Spending $600 on bedding is insane! The one we picked out at Target is only $150 per set. I think thats doable.

Our next ultrasound is this Friday. Its technically our "big" ultrasound (where you find out the sex) but since we already know that, it should be pretty routine. They will look at everything, hands, feet, head, face, heart, etc just to make sure everything looks good. I can't wait! I cherish every opportunity to see them.

Our major big news: Lorren is having a girl too!!! So we will have 3 little girls in the family all within a few weeks!!! I'm so glad our girls are going to have a girl cousin close to their age. It'll be so much fun!!

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