Monday, October 1, 2007

Weird Dream I had Last night...

Okay so I haven't posted anything in a while and its not due to a lack of things to say so much as fear in peoples lack of interest in my pointless ramblings.

Last night, however, I had a dream that thought would be fun to share. I'm not sure how it all started but the first thing I remember was being in the hospital getting ready for the babies to arrive (at one point I may have even been the one pregnant and giving birth which was WAY weird). Anyway, like half way through delivery we realized we didn't have a private room and in fact we were just out in the open in the ER. So, I made them stop everything and move as to a private room so the whole of Atlanta wasn't watching as we birth our twins. They gave me grief about cost and I told them I didn't care cause I had good insurance. We moved to our private room and preceded to give birth to the twins ( at this point I had come to my senses and relized that I would not be the pregnant one so my roles had reversed and now Joelle was the one pushing them out... not me!) . So room and Gender roles in order things continued pretty normal until the twins popped up out of Jo's belly (in a cute "jack-in-the box" kinda way, not a creepy "Aliens" way). The doctor plucked them out and handed them over to us. Then the craziest thing was that the babies were immediately 5 years old and talking to us (still in the private hospital room, still the day of their birth, they were just born at the age of 5 apparently). The only thing I remember discussing with them was their names and how they didn't like them. I don't know what names we had chosen but they really hated them so we changed them to whatever they wanted. Then I woke up!

That dream really got me thinking though, How much easier would this whole naming thing be if they babies could only tell us what they wanted to be named when they were born!?! No books of 1000 names or naming charts or Polls on blogs... Just asked the baby! What a great world it would be!

Okay that's my 2 cents for the day! I'll write more later (and maybe it'll be more coherent and less crazy dream?!)


Brenda said...

What did you have to eat before you went to bed? That is a great comedy dream!


Nicole said...

That's how Picabo Street (the skier) got her name. She got to pick it herself.

Margaret said...

You'll have to ask Garret sometime about a similar dream he had about Jack being born talking. But there was another part to the dream that came true the day he was born, and that was one of the best moments I've ever witnessed--Jack looked straight into Garret's eyes in a certain knowing way. I'll always remember that.