Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bye bye Terbutaline!

Well, the doc told me on Friday that I can stop taking my Terbutaline (the contraction slowing meds). Friday night I had very intense contractions but with no regularity -- which means NOT labor. I had a few through the night, they woke me up which is a first. I had some very light ones this morning.

David and I got ready to go run some errands and on our way to our first stop I had a contraction that just wouldn't stop. It was the most painful thing I've experienced since I've been pregnant. I was nauseous and sweating from the pain, David called the doc while I sat there and cried. She said to go home and rest, which I did and after about 45 minutes it started to let up. I don't know what it was, but I feel better now.

We are going to Scalini's tonight for eggplant parmesean -- there is a legend that if you eat their eggplant parmesean you will go into labor within 48 hours! We'll see if the legend is true for us.

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Ok, Love, let's see if it works! Of course, since you picked the date for the birth of your daughters to Feb. 17 - you better go into labor tonight! Can't wait to meet Pressley and Lyla!!