Friday, February 22, 2008


I went in for an ultrasound this afternoon and my blood pressure was elevated. That combined with the major swelling I have in my hands and feet meant I could have pre-eclampsia. This is not dangerous to the babies if caught early, its more dangerous to the mother. So, she was going to send me to the hospital for some more tests. The doctor said if they were positive, we might have the babies tonight! So, I was admitted at Labor and Delivery and brought straight to my room. They started monitoring the babies -- they looked GREAT. They started monitoring my contractions and I would have 3-4 in a row, one min apart, and then nothing for 4 minutes or so. They were fairly intense, I knew when they were coming on, but they weren't what the nurses call "cervix changing contractions", in other words, not real labor. The blood work came back with some elevated levels, but not high enough to keep me in the hospital, or go ahead and do the c-sections (like we were hoping!).

Now, I'm back at home, enjoying Brent and Katies company (mom and Lorren have gone back to Greenville) and hoping these babies come THIS weekend! If they make their appearance this weekend they will get to meet Aunt Lorren, Uncle Cole, Uncle Brent and Aunt Katie -- if they wait until next week it'll be a few months before they get to see them again.

I would love for them to come before everyone goes home, but if they want more time in there -- I'm fine with that! I'm more than happy to do whatever they need.

So, thats where we stand for now. I'll keep you updated!

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