Friday, October 17, 2008


Well, I finally bought the girls their first pair of "real" shoes. I picked them up at Target and think they are adorable!

They're cute, right??

Notice Lyla has a bow in the picture above. Somehow she managed to lose it (and I don't even see it in the picture anywhere!) just before she went after Pressley's new shoes. They do think shoes are fascinating -- like built in toys -- which is especially helpfull in the car!

I also got them some Pedipeds. Lorren and I have been drooling over these adorable shoes for a while now! Lorren found them on ebay with free shipping. I bought them and forgot she had said they only had two pairs -- leaving none for Savannah! But, it worked out to my benefit. They only sent me one pair and when I let them know they sent me the second pair for free! So, Lorren was happy for me. And, she got Savannah some from somewhere else. I think we're all good now.
I don't have any pictures of the girls in these shoes yet, but they have worn them several times and they are absolutely darling! I LOVE them!!


Susan Sene said...

Wow what big girls! I can't believe how much older Pressy looks where she's smiling at the camera! They're both so adorable and I can't wait to see them a lot more often! :)

Jen said...

Baby shoes...oh how cute!

Harris Boys said...

love their new will love pedipeds...those are great shoes!!

Last Paradise said...

Those are SO cute, and they are totally going to match the adorable dresses that I finally finished TONITE!!!

Karen said...

cute shoes!