Monday, October 6, 2008

Vay-k 2008, Watauga Lake, Baby! Part 1.

Remember this post describing our amazing trip to the beach with David's family?? Well, obviously I don't know how to be selective and narrow down which pictures to post. I've been avoiding blogging about our amazing trip to the lake with my family because, once again, I don't know how to narrow down the slew of pictures. So, I've decided to post in installments. Keep checking back often, I'll try to get through all these pictures soon.

For this first installment of Vay-K 2008, aka Watauga Lake, baby! I'm going to start at the end and post our annual family picture. We took this just before we left the lake house.

And here we are last year, same house, same fireplace, last day there. I had just found out I was pregnant THAT DAY, of course I had no idea we would be returning with TWINS! And, my sister got pregnant while we were there!! So, although it looks like a photo of 8, there are really 11 in this picture, isn't that awesome?? Isn't GOD AWESOME?!? He has been so good to our family!

Oh yeah, and my mom was so proud she was wearing the same outfit in both pictures. So was Cole (same shirt, anyway), but I think he was just copying my mom. He's such a kiss-up.


Amanda218 said...

These are the coolest photos!! What a beautiful family!!

Katie said...

Great pictures! And so cool to think about the amazing things God has done in just one year! I can't wait for more lake house posts! Love you Joelle!!!

Doc Curtis said...

Good looking family, let's see some pictures of ya'll on Watauga Lake.

Regina Stoner said...

Does Cole always were the same shirt on the last day of your trip?? Just curious. :-)

Katie said...

Hey Joelle!
I'm going to order some snapfish pictures before we leave for vacation because they are doing a sale. Is there anyway you could send me 2 funny family pictures and 2 normal family pictures before 4:00 pm on Friday? If not, no big deal--I can order them later :) I'm not sure why I wrote all this on here instead of email or facebook, but I guess I was just checking for posts and this reminded me. Love you!

Susan Sene said...

Haha...loved this picture from last year and love the one from this year too! You all are SO much fun! Love all of yas! ;)

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