Monday, September 10, 2007

Daddy's Girls

Since Joelle's already let the [Female] cats outta the bag. I guess all I can do is comment... and I am SOOOO excited. Yea, I know I always said I was hopping it was 2 boys but I'm stoked that we are having twin girls. They'll still be Braves fans from the beginning when we get then their matching pink Braves onesies, but I'm not going to turn them into tom-boys (which would be hard to do with there mom constantly fueling their "girliness").
The truth is... they'll be daddy's little girls from the get go and I'll probably spoil 'em rotten. Just watching 'em move around on that ultrasound was enough to make any man tear up. What a wonderful experience it all was!

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Margaret said...

Needless to say the Behlert GIRLS and the guy who can teach you everything you need to know about raising them are THRILLED! They look very snuggy in there....growing in Jesus' precious love for them, and for you!
Mark and Margaret Behlert