Monday, September 10, 2007

Ok, I'm going to start updating regularly now...

This is my commitment to you! If you feel I'm not living up to it, let me know! I want you all to share in our journey. Maybe I needed my appointment today to feel committed to writing about these precious babies on regular basis. I wanted to see them one more time, and see their little hearts beating again. Although I haven't been nervous, God does not give us a spirit of fear, afterall! I kept thinking this balloon would pop, that it was just too good to be true.

But there we were, this morning in the OB's office looking at our two perfect little babies. Their hearts were beating strong and they looked so beautiful!! You can already tell they have adorable noses.

Here are the photos from their latest photo shoot:

Can you make them out? If you can you will see that they are absolutely adorable!!!

The lower baby is baby "A", she (yes I said SHE) behaved so well, she spread her little legs and made it very clear she was a girl. She is a little harder to make out. The picture isn't quite as clear. Her head is in the upper left hand corner of the screen, she is more upright, her spine is the bright white line in the lower middle of the screen and her chest/belly is on top of that.

The top baby is baby "B", her (yes, I said HER, and we think thats right but aren't as sure as we are about baby "A") head is to the right facing up, her belly is on the left side of the picture. You can all pick on her for not giving us a better "money shot" like her sister. We'll know for sure in about 6 weeks if she really is a girl.

After our appointment we went to Target to buy something girly. We bought 2 pink burp cloths. We decided that was the safest purchase. We didn't want to buy 2 pink outfits just in case "B" turns out to be a boy. And, burp cloths are totally safe -- when spit up is involved I won't care if the color coordinates with the gender as long as it cleans up!

Well, thats all for now. But as I said, I will write more often! I'll start posting name ideas and bedding sets, so I can get opinions. Love you all!!

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