Friday, May 16, 2008

The Goff's visit!

My cousin, Abby, her hubby Jeff and their 11 month old son, John came by for a short (too short!) visit. We had so much fun together! We went to the mall together and met one of Abby's friends who is pregnant and who lives close by -- she brought a friend who had a baby just 3 days before our girls! Hopefully we can get together with them again, it was so nice to meet some other mommy's in the area. After the mall we came back home and made a delicious ham dinner.

At one point I put John in the crib with the girls because Abby and Jeff were outside putting John's carseat in my car so we could go to the mall. Since I had all 3 by myself and I was very aware of how non-child proof my home is, I confined John while I got the girls ready. It was really cute, he kept staring at them, then he leaned over Lyla, put his hand between the 2 girls to support himself, brought his other hand around and snatched Pressley's pacie right out of her mouth! He popped it right into his own mouth. Pressy just sat there in shock. It was too funny! And if you visit John's blog, you see how he likes to chew (not suck) on his pacies.

Their visit was way to quick, but very, very fun! It was nice to have girl time with my best bud too.

Here is John just after he took Pressy's pacie. He's so proud of himself!

Here are the 3 of them in the crib. I had to re-pacie Pressy before I took the picture.

He's coming to get you!

A different pacie.... same chewing style....

What a handsome boy!

Pressy in her carrier at the mall. They are both really starting to enjoy their toys. They will stare at the lion and elephant for several minutes at a time. Its neat to see them getting interested in toys.

Lyla at the mall.

John chewing on Tucker's toy. They played pretty well together, but Tucker would get a little too excited and annoy John eventually.

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