Friday, May 16, 2008

Pulmonary Stenosis

First of all, thanks for your prayers! We took our little Pretzels to the heart doctor on Wednesday -- it was so hard to know she may have something wrong with her heart! We prayed over her before we took her for God to take care of her and help us handle whatever news may come. She does have Pulmonary Stenosis, but a very mild case.

Pulmonary Stenosis is a defect where the valve leading to the lung artery is too small or too thick (too think in Pressy's case) or does not open completely. This causes the right pumping chamber of the heart to have to work harder than normal to push the blood to the lungs. This is causing a murmur -- Pressy's is a little lounder than normal which is why we went for a second ultrasound (she had her first one in the hospital at birth).

Mild levels of narrowing are tolerated very well, the child generally has normal activity.

I made sure this wouldn't affect anything she would want to do such as running and playing sports. The doctors assured me her case was mild enough she would be able to do anything she wants!

We will go back for a check up in a year. At that time they don't even expect to hear the murmur then. When pulmonary stenosis is this mild it is often self-resolving and it will not show at all this time next year. Keep praying that that is the case for our Pressy!

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