Monday, June 2, 2008

Beach Trip

Again, I apologize for not posting these pictures earlier. I really don't know where to begin! David says my "blog" has turned into a photo album, but I have a feeling thats what most of you are here for, to see the babies! So, I am going to attempt to tell some stories about our trip while also sharing pictures.

First of all, the best part of the entire trip...
The girls first trip to Taco Casa!

No, it wasn't the wonderfully cheap mexican food that was so exciting, it was the announcement from Aunt Jessica and Uncle Michael -- there is going to be a Turner cousin!! Bernie (as hes been affectionately nick named) is due December 6. You can track their pregnancy here. We feel so blesssed to be given another cousin this soon! God is good! We pray for Bernie every night with the girls before bed time (and a few more times through out the day).

Then we hit the road.

The girls promptly set up Kickey Bear in the living room, Daddy helped.

We unloaded the car while they played, then got ready for dinner. Michael and Jessica found a cute local seafood place right down the street called Duffy Street Seafood Shack. The girls were pretty good considering they had been in a car all day!

The house we stayed at was 3 stories, the bottom story was a carport, pool and patio.

Every morning we all met on the patio for our coffee. It was a wonderful way to start the day, and David and I got lots of help feeding the girls (we didn't have to do a thing!). Uncle Michael loved holding the girls and would steal them from anyone he could as soon as he woke up!

The girls met Great, Great Uncle Harvey! Pretty cool that they have a great, great uncle huh? And hes so young!
Here is just one picture to represent the hours and hours Grandaddy spent with the girls. He is so wonderful with them!! When he holds them its like they are in their own little world, both Grandaddy and Grandbaby cooing to and giggling at each other. Its so sweet!
Saturday was a bit overcast, chilly and windy but despite the weather we took a trip to the board walk. It was the girls first time in their new stroller, which worked really well. The boardwalk was fun, everyone went!

We went to Damon's for dinner. It was yummy! David cleaned his teeth with a toothpick before dinner and apparently things didn't go so well for him.

Beach time!! Of course, the preparation took a lot longer than the actual time at the beach, but thats half the fun, right? Its all worth it for some fun pictures and life long memories. The girls had new bathing suits with matching sunglasses and flip flops. As you can probably imagine, the flip flops wouldn't stay on and the sunglasses were too irritating, but the idea was adorable!

After Sunday's beach fun, we grilled out at home. It was very yummy!

This was also the first time we flipped the babies around in their baby bjorn. They really enjoyed looking out at everyone!

Oh, did I mention our house had an elevator?!? Very nice!! Here is a freaky pic of David and Lyla in the elevator. I love the light shining on his snoz!

By the end of the night, after Daddy may have had a little too much to drink, he attempted getting in the hammock... maybe not such a good idea, he should have slowed down on the root beer. But it made for some great pictures (thanks Regina!).

Third times a charm!

Ah, the shot that broke the camera. It took a tumble and the lens is now broken. Good thing we have a back up (which is actually a much better camera, just bigger)! Its not as easy to use, so the pictures kinda slow down over Monday and Tuesday (you may be relieved, I think this is my longest post ever!)

Monday we went back to the beach. The girls went with us and stayed for a couple hours. They were in the shade the whole time so no bathing suits or sunscreen needed! They also slept the whole time and missed all the excitement!!

Michael, Jessica, Regina and Chris had been at the beach for about an hour and a half before we joined them (had to finish nap time). So we sat down where they had been sitting, we had a great view of some surfers, then there was this odd shape next to one of the surfers. It looked like a blow up water toy.
Our peaceful beach soon become very busy! Everyone was anxious to find out what the mysterious, floating thing was.

Can you tell yet?

Yup, it was a dead sea turtle. Very interesting to see, I was amazed at how huge it was! I wonder how old it was and where it had been. I know sea turtles live a long time, I bet he saw a lot!
I love this picture David took. The turtle became such a sight, the frozen lemonade girl brought her cart down, what a great idea!
Haha! Uncle Harvey brought these hats back for the girls. We start training them young in the Turner family, Krispy Kreme rocks!

And then we went home. It was a wonderful FIRST family vacation! We missed being in VA with my family but had a fantastic time at the beach with the Turner side.

Congratulations Rick and Erin! We love you!

I hope you all made it this far. I love getting your comments, it makes me feel like my blogging is more than just one sided. So, now its your turn. What is your most memorable beach trip ever???


Anonymous said...

Hey Joelle! I love the super long blog post--and all the pictures! I've been waiting and waiting for these! The girls look precious in their swimsuits. And you look great too! I love your bangs! I can't wait to see you, David and those precious girls again soon!

Love you!

Last Paradise said...

HHAHAHA!! I just laughed so hard at the picture of David with the tooth pic that I scared John!!

Susan said...

what an awesome sounding trip - so glad you were able to do all looked adorable!

Lorren said...

Yea! That was an awesome post! I'm impressed with all the time you must have put in to it. I need to be a little better with my blogging I guess! I thoroughly enjoyed every picture! I miss you four and can't wait to see you all again!!!

Last Paradise said...

OH yeah... I don't really have a 'best beach memory' because my mom (the QUEEN) HATES the beach with a passion...

Brenda said...

Do you want to quess what my most memorable beach trip is? This year! I can't begin to explain how exciting it was for Granddaddy and me to have the ENTIRE FAMILY together. God is sure good to us.


Anonymous said...

What a great blog!! I loved the pictures of Curtis in the hammock! I also loved the picture of David with the toothpick and the one after it - you in the pink sweater. You look gorgeous and way too young to have babies! I think Jessica and Michael are glowing!!!
Love, Mom K.