Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Christmas 2009. Finally.

Yea, this is really late.  But I was just looking back over my blog and I realized I have NEVER put Christmas photos on here!  What a shame!!!  So, here are a few from this past Christmas, which was wonderful.

First was Christmas Eve at Grandmother and Grandaddy Turner's house.  Reeree and Cuncle (Aunt Regina and Uncle Chris) bought the girls dress up clothes.  This was the... best. gift. ever!  The girls had a blast, we could hardly get Pressy to take the clothes off and they still one of the most popular toys in the house!

Great-grandmother and great-grandaddy got the girls motorized cars!  They haven't played with them much yet... its been a little too cold outside but I'm sure they will be a huge hit!

And of course, Kru was there, too!  Usually hanging out on someones lap.

Next up was Christmas morning at Gaga and Papa Kruithof's house.  Uncle Cole, Aunt Lolo, Savannah, Uncle Brenty and Aunt Kiki were all in town for Christmas.  That always makes it so much more special!  All the kids (and adults!) had a blast, of course.

David and I got the girls Radio Flyer trikes for Christmas.  Their feet don't really reach the pedals but hopefully by summer they will!  They love them anyway.  Now we just need to get some helmets.

And here is Kru, he was just hanging out all morning.  He got lots of gifts, too.  Here you can see him with a little bitty elephant he "got".  The girls wanted it to be right next to him.  I guess it was only fair since they were enjoying all their new toys. 

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