Monday, March 22, 2010

Sweet boy

Kru is such an easy going, laid back boy.  A couple of weeks ago we all sat down to eat dinner and decided to try letting Kru sit in his (the girls old) highchair so he could watch us.  We gave him a toy monkey to play with.  He pulled the monkey up to him and promptly fell asleep.  It was so sweet.  He is so sweet.  We are so incredibly blessed to share our lives with this little boy.


Katie said...

he is the sweetest thing ever! i can't wait to hold him again soon!

Regina Stoner said...

Hey girl! I love the updates! Cute pictures and lots of good info! I was very proud to see the post about the dress-up clothes, too. I'm so glad they like them! Love you all very much!

Aunt Re Re :-)