Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some long overdue updates

Hello friends (if anyone is still around), I know I should have updated our blog a long time ago,
but guess what,
I've been

Hard to believe, right?

So, those updates...
  • First of all, Kru is already 4 1/2 months old!  Where has the time gone?!?
  • Second of all, he's HUGE!  We were at the Dr. earlier this week and he was just a couple ounces shy of 20 lbs!  Lyla was only 18 lbs when she was a YEAR old!  Keeping this boy in clothes that fir has been a chore, he outgrows things way too quickly!
  • Kru's first smile was on the day he turned 5 weeks old.  Which would have been December 5th.
  • I kept him in his bassinet in our room way too long.  Not age-wise, but size-wise!  The poor boy was touching both ends, but I just couldn't bring myself to move him.  I mean, come on, this might be my last baby!  So, the babysitter did it for us.  We were out celebrating my SURPRISE 30th birthday party and the babysitter put him down in his own bed.... he's been there ever since.  That was February 20th.
  • Lyla and Pressley are TWO!!  When I got the call from church that they were going to be moved up to the 2 year old room on Sunday nights I sat in the parking lot of Costco and bawled!  Again, where has the time gone?!?
  • Lyla and Pressley are both cutting their two-year molars.  Its.... just.... lovely.  Lots of motrin, lots of whining, lots of drooling and finger chewing.  Pressley now has all 4 showing, 2 of which are all the way through.  Lyla is still getting started and I can't see any of them yet.
  • Lyla and Pressley are talking LIKE CRAZY!!  They say full sentences, carry on conversations, its amazing.  They are at such a fun age, learning new things all the time!
  • Lyla and Pressley are in big girl beds.  We changed their cribs to toddler beds in January.  I had been dreading it for months, but you'd never know anything changed.  They handled it perfectly!
  • We have a new niece!  Lorren's little girl, Hailey Claire was born January 21st.  I tried my hardest to make in there for her birth but arrived just a couple hours late.  When she decided she was done "cooking", she meant it!
Thats all I can think of right now, of course I can think of lots of "little" things that have been going on and I may update you on a few of those.  But, for now, I'm done.  I will post some pictures though.   Enjoy!


Lorren said...

MAN, I LOVE THOSE KIDS!! I've got tears in my eyes! Love them, love them, LOVE THEM!!!

Shari H said...

We missed you! Welcome Back!!!

Katie said...

I'm so glad you updated again! It's so good to read all about the kids and see pictures. We miss you guys so much!

Crystal said...

They are so cute Joelle! I still check your blog :)