Friday, March 26, 2010

Sisterly love

We have had a busy week in the Turner house.  Pressley spiked a high fever Tuesday afternoon, we rushed to the doctor's office and she was given 2 shots of high-dose antibiotics because her white blood cell count was high.  We were sent for a chest x-ray the next morning.  The x-ray showed pneumonia.  We went back in to meet with the doctor on Wednesday afternoon and another round of the high-dose antibiotic shot was ordered.  Pressy knew what was coming and as soon as I started to pull her pants down (she got one shot in each thigh) she started screaming.  My mom was with me and she took Lyla and Kru to the lobby so they wouldn't have to be there for the ordeal.  Once the shots were done we had to wait around for 10 minutes so they could make sure she didn't have any reaction.  While we were waiting she kept crying and asking for Lyla.  One of the nurses went to the lobby to get Lyla, as she was coming down the hall Pressy ran out to her and they ran into each others arms.  Lyla gave Pressy a big hug and kiss and then said "Here Pressy", she went to the prize box and picked her out a little froggy toy.  It all calmed Pressy right down.  It was absolutely precious.   I'm so thankful my girls love each other!!  And, they are crazy about their brother, too.

This would be the perfect place to put a picture of the 2 of them together but its almost impossible to take a good picture of them together!  I'm going to have to work on that.

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idew705 said...

Hey Joelle... sorry you had such a tough week. Sounds like the rocephrin shots that Aiden had to endure during ear infection month before the tubes were put in. Glad Pressey was a trouper!! Sending love and hugs.