Wednesday, April 9, 2008


The girls took their second road trip and this one went much better, even though it was further. we made it to Raleigh, NC to meet Savannah, Aunt Lolo, Uncle Cole and Aunt Kiki!! Thats a 7 hour trip!! We drove to Greenville and my dad drove us to Raleigh so we could get some sleep. It worked out GREAT. The girls slept the ENTIRE way!! I fed them right before we left, they slept the whole way to Greenville. I fed them in Greenville and they slept the whole way to Raleigh -- over 4 hours! They are great car sleepers. They did the same thing on the way home. I am SO PROUD of them!!

Savannah is such a beautiful baby! You can see her here with her mommy, with Aunt Kiki (Savannah is in the pink blanket) and with her little hospital hat on. She is gorgeous!!

The girls really did great being away from home. They stuck to their schedule, even without what they "know", like their beds. They slept on blankets on the floor while we were at Lorren's house! And, we stayed in a hotel. They did great there too! We had our pack and play with us. And they slept their normal schedule through the night. It couldn't have been better.

Look at the cousins -- all 3 of them together! They don't look like they are a month apart, do they? They look like the same age. David said maybe its because gestationally they are only a week apart. Maybe. It was so neat to have all 3 together. These girls are going to share many special times together. I can't wait!!!

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