Friday, April 18, 2008

Pressley Miller

AKA: Pressy, Pressy-poo, Pretzles, Twinba (Twin-B), "little" sister, Pressley-bear (Daddy's nick name for her), Pressley-bug, Gruntey
Likes: the swing, the rainforest bouncy, the pink bouncey, sleeping on her belly, eating!!, being held, bathtime, sleeping with Mommy, riding in the car, watching TV (which I don't let them do -- but if there is a TV on, they will turn to watch it!), having a book read to her -- she loves the pictures!, sticking her tongue out
Dislikes: the playmat, tummy time, taking her medicine, being burped, waking up, getting lotion rubbed on her, getting her gunky eye cleaned out, wearing clothes


Anonymous said...

Wearing clothes? She is her mother's daughter!!!

Anonymous said...

Please, new photo and August update!