Tuesday, April 22, 2008

CIO = Cry It Out

I talked to Lorren for a while today and she said she let Savannah "cry it out" today. Meaning, at naptime she let her cry til she fell asleep. It was about 20 minutes! And, Savannah is only 3 weeks old! So, I thought if Lorren can do it with her 3 wk old, I can do it with my girls. So, I just tried. Pressy went right down, didn't even make a peep and Lyla cried for 7 minutes, talked to herself for a little while and fell asleep!!

I just had to share, I'm so proud of myself for being able to handle it. Its so hard to listen to your baby cry. But I know its good for her, she will learn to sleep on her own.

Also, last night the girls slept BY THEMSELVES in their CRIB!! I slept in the glider in their room just in case they needed me, but they did great! They went down around 11, woke up at 4 and then slept again til 7. Usually I feed them (sometimes they don't even eat, i just give them a pacie) at 7 and put them right back to bed and they sleep until 9. If they do eat, they just eat a little bit. Anyway, today I got them up to start the day. I want to try and get them to go to bed before 11. We'll see if waking up earlier helps.

They are almost 2 months old, they should be getting close to sleeping trough the night and all these steps will help get us there. Pray for us though, its not easy. The worst part is just hearing them cry.

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