Friday, April 18, 2008

Denim Babies

We took the girls to the park Wednesday night and I put them in the warmest outfits I have -- jeans and a turtleneck onesie. Not that you can tell it has a turtleneck on either of the girls -- their faces ae so full! We had a lot of fun at the park. It cooled off quickly so David and I wore them in our Baby Bjorns and put blankets over them, they were nice and toasty.

Once we got home we took some pictures of them. Pressley was very accommodating, but Lyla was less than pleased with the whole thing. Here is a picture of Lyla crying and Pressley looking like "Would you pleasssse be quiet?"

Then Lyla calmed down a bit and they were blowing spit bubbles. And here is Pressley saying "Seriously Lyla, you call that a spit bubble?!?"

Then Lyla started crying again. And here is Pressley -- I don't need to narrate her thoughts, her face speaks for its self.
So Daddy picked up Lyla to cheer her up, Pressley waited patiently

Here is Daddy with Lyla (notice David's burn from the Masters)

And here comes Lyla, back to join Pressley. Here is how it turns out:

Oh well.

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Susan said...

hahaha - Pressy's faces are crackin me up!