Friday, April 18, 2008


We went to Greenville again! The girls got to meet the Long family!! The Longs have made such an impact on my life. They have taught me so much. Sheila has been a friend and a mother to me. She (and Clay -- of course!) has shown me how to raise well-rounded Christian children. I admire this family so much! And I remember when Eliza was the size of my children, now here she is holding my girls. Its was so special! I can't wait to visit them again this summer and have dinner on their porch.

They also got to visit with their Great Grandparents.

And Aunt Susan

And Aunt Regina

And lots of other family, like Gramma and Papa Kruithof, Grandmother and Granddaddy Turner. And, the girls made a trip to Grandmother Turner's work -- First Church of the Nazarene to meet the other pastors. It was another eventful weekend!

And, Daddy was at the Masters with his best friend, Andy, and had a GREAT time!!

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