Saturday, April 24, 2010

Funny Lyla

We were leaving the gym the other day and as we walk to the car I always try to get the girls to tell me if they had fun, what they did, etc.  They hardly answer.  They usually just say "had fun" or "play at gym", that sort of thing.  So the other day we were walking to the car and Lyla was in front of me.  She stopped, turned around and said:

"I go to MY gym.  I have fun.  I play cars with boys."

Then she turned around and kept walking.  I loved it!  I love that she told me what she did and I love (for now anyway) that she was playing cars with boys.

Doesn't this look like a girl who would enjoy playing "cars with boys"??

1 comment:

Jessica Turner said...

Great pic of Lyla! So just makes you smile to see it!