Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Potty Training..... Day 2

Well, I saw a LOT of progress today. Both girls woke up wet, but that didn't surprise me since I had pumped them full of liquids just before bed trying to get them to pee pee on the potty one last time before bed. I took them both to the bathroom anyway, Pressley peed, Lyla did not. After that Pressley had 2 more accidents pretty quickly and hasn't had another since about 10am! Woo hoo!! She even stopped playing this evening and said "Poopy!". David and I both dove for her thinking she had already started but she hadn't! We put her on the potty and she pooped. Yea!!

Lyla on the other hand.... will sit and sit and sit. I finally believe she may not have to pee, let her up, put her panties on and then she bends over and catches her pee in her hands. yes. seriously. She has done this twice today. I know the fact that she is "aware" is a good thing, but come on! After those incidents I started making her sit on the potty until she peed. She would sit and sit and sit but I kept pushing. Finally, I got frustrated, stood up, and said "I'm leaving, let me know when you pee." I closed the door and in about 5 seconds she said "Mommy, I peed". And she had. sigh.

This little girl might be tough. She is too stinking smart for her own good. She knows full well what is going on and will give in when she is good and ready. I probably just need to come up with something new and exciting to steal her attention. She'll get bored of potty training and just give in.

I suppose only time will tell....

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Allie Jennings said...

Love your blog! Hang in there, Joelle...they'll get it eventually :)