Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cute, smallish, CHEAP diaper bag

I wanted a cute diaper bag to carry because the main one I'm going to use is a good size for twins, but very industrial looking -- its from Land's End. All the cute ones I could find cost over $100! But, I found an adorable one today that was only $16.99!! May not be the best quality, but at that price, I can replace in a little while with whatever suits my fancy at that time. Isn't it cute??

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Margaret said...

Hello Joelle, David, Lyla and Pressley,
This is Margaret, Sarah and Jack, your OTHER regulars (even though Katie is the only one you've been aware of!) We love to visit often and get excited about everything with you. Those 4D pics are like a belly, that was amazing. Pretty soon, you will be blogging your FULL VIEW 4D pics of those sweetie-pies....don't think you'll make it to the end of the month! We LOVE the diaper bag....and the going home outfits, and the pink walls, and the bedding, and your belly button, and the passies for the dog, the new apartment, and your wine rack in the background, your new glasses, the baby names....ALL of it!!!! Especially your blogging. Say hi to Grandma K. for us....I know she is keeping everyone well-fed and happy-in-waiting. Love to you all!