Monday, January 14, 2008

What we have so far...

Ok, time to share more of the wonderful, EXCITING baby stuff we are acquiring....

You've seen the crib and bedding, the newest addition to the nursery decor is our changing table. I bought it off of Craig's List for only $65! Its very, very sturdy. The ad said it was from Pottery Barn... I'll go with that. The changing table below is very similar to the one we have but ours has a drawer right under where the pad goes, and it has little silver towel rods on the sides for burp clothes. Anyway, here is a picture to give you an idea:

And, I had a shower in Atlanta this weekend. It was thrown by my good friend, Erin. We know Erin and her hubby Paul from our small group. It was a beautiful shower and so much fun! Mom took lots of pictures and I meant to get a copy of them from her but forgot. We got lots of good gifts. The girls in our small group chipped in to get us our pack and play (I'll post a picture of the style we chose). and we got a bottle sterilizer, some handmade burp clothes and matching passie clips, they are darling! A Christian version of Baby Einstein videos which I am thrilled about, I can't wait for our girls to see those! Some story books, some clothes, our video monitor -- David is thrilled about that and is already planning a way to position it int he room so that we're able to see both girls. It was so fun.

And, I felt the best I've felt in weeks. I thought it was because of maternity tights I was wearing -- they gave lots of good support, but my dad suggested it was the faact that I was showered with gifts... he's probably right!

Here is our pack and play:

And here is a picture of our car seats. We had a tough time figuring out which ones to buy! We were given a double snap and go which allows you to snap a carrier into it. That way we didn't have to get a stroller we didn't want just because it would hold the carriers when the girls were little. We were also given the stroller we wanted -- a Maclaren side by side. We're thrilled about that! Back to the car seats... all the ones we bought wouldn't fit, even though snap and go claims they would. So, now we have snug rides on their way. I'm quite positive they will fit, keep your fingers crossed for us!

And finally, our "coming home from the hospital outfit!". I've searched high and low for this outfit. Nothing I've seen seemed good enough for our girls. I finally found something I like and I can't wait to see them wearing this outfit. David is at the mall purchasing it as I type. I'm so excited!! It comes in an up to 7lbs size and I think that will be best for us, even if they only get to wear it a couple times. I think the next size will be too big for them as newborns. I hope you all like it.

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