Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's Daddy's turn

Okay, so I got called out on my lack of post and I apologies to everyone as I'm sure that my comments and observations have been missed (see my last post Weird Dream I had Last Night)

Well, as Joie mentioned we scheduled our c-section and MAN is that so REAL or what. I am gonna be a DAD!!!! Now I'm sure there thousands of you out there shaking in your boots thinking "who let this guy become a dad!"...well it was God...that's who so take it up with him... okay so maybe I can try to convience you mu self as well. I hold in my hand, tonight's top 5 reasons why David should be a dad! (queue intro music and title package... no title package!?!... okay)

#5 my undying love for all things cute - anything cute must be loved!! that's one of the many reasons I love my wife and my dog currently, and whats cuter than 2 twin little baby girls?

#4 my unquenchable desire to teach everything I know to everyone I know! - okay so I'm this one frustrates 9 out of 10 of you but for my children it's GREAT. I mean I know a lot if I do say so myself and who will benefit from that more the those see me as the all knowing great one... my children!

#3 my vivid and unique imagination - for a reference I refer you again to my previous post Weird Dream I had Last Night.

#2 I AM responsible - okay this one has to be obvious to everyone... right?!?!

and the number 1 reason why David should be a dad......

The FauxHawk!!!! - okay first of all if you haven't seen it yet, I have attached a picture below. If this doesn't scream well rounded individual I don't know what does! It's a fun hairdo that you can still sport to the office on occasion (okay, my office is a little more lenient then most but even some of my friends in corporate gigs have one.) and few things are more important for a child that being well rounded (like how I tied that in don't cha!).

All kidding aside, I praise God everyday that he has the faith in me to "raise a child in the way it should go.." and I have every intention of doing just that for these 2 little girls! I can't believe it myself, but he did make me a dad and I am proud to join the ranks of some of the most wonderful people I have ever known...Dads!

I guess I have really never thought of all this until now when it's real and right there in my face... 50 days from now I will be walking out an operating room in scrubs with my 2 girls!!! It don't get much better than that!!

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