Friday, January 18, 2008

A sneak peek...

We had a suprise 4D ultrasound on Thursday... check our our GORGEOUS baby girls!

Pressley (baby B) is on top and she weighed a whoppin 4.9lbs!! Lyla (baby A) is on bottom and also weighed in above average at 4.6lbs. (remember, Lyla has always been hard to see, she is SO LOW in my belly we can barely find her face, considering that, she turned out pretty well in her photo!). Both babies are so healthy! 95th and 89th percentile!! All this may be VERY important as they may make their appearance much earlier than expected.

As you've probably heard... At our ultrasound we were told my cervix was already 80% thinned. They sent me to the hospital to see if I was having contractions, and sure enough, my contractions were 6 minutes apart! I was quickly given a steroid shot to help the girls lungs develop and after a few hours of monitoring my contractions -- just to find they were getting more frequent -- I was given a shot to stop my contractions. It worked! They stopped almost immediately. I take 2 pills every 6 hours to keep them away. I have had a second steroid shot, so the girls should be in great shape! My contractions have been very few and far between (1 every 10 hours or so!). Since the girls have had their second steroid shot, we are just waiting another 24 hours until we can have a cervical swab. This swab test will show what my chances are of delivering within the next 2 weeks. If a certain chemical is present, I have a 99% chance of delivering within the next two weeks -- if that's the case, I'll be kept in the hospital on bedrest. If its negative, they may allow me to go home, but only to stay there on strict bedrest.

We will keep you all posted, and ask that you please pray for these precious little girls! Although they are big and healthy, they are a long way from being developed to the point that we want them joining us now.

Here is one final picture for you, I'm only sharing it because we are all friends and family... I'm not too fond of showing off my bare preggy belly, but.... my belly button finally popped! I was sitting in bed today and bloop! There it was!

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