Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Water babies!

Pressy went first. We had this brilliant idea to put them in the Bumbo, but, Bumbo's float. It made for some cute pictures though! At first she seemed ok with the pool but got over it VERY quickly! Once she was out of the bumbo and just had her feet in, she was ok with the pool again.

Then it was Lyla's turn! She went in with Uncle Brent and took to the water just fine. She didn't love it but didn't hate it either. She hung out in the pool longer than the other babies, it seemed to eventually irritate Pressy and Savi, but not Lyla!

**Thanks to Aunt Katie for the wonderful pictures!!**


Harris Boys said...

great pics...pressy was like "mom get me out of here" too funny!!!

mom2lo said...

Awww... How fun! Never thought to use a Bumbo in the pool! ;)

Anonymous said...

Lyla has awesome hair!!!!!!!!!