Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mmmmm, Carrots!

The girls tried carrots for the first time last night. It was so exciting and fun! I put the high chairs together just for the occasion. They are still a little short for the high chairs, but that made it even cuter!

The girlies really seemed to like carrots! Lyla ate well just like she has been doing with the cereal, and even Pressy was opening her mouth and keeping the carrots in and swallowing! And after their feeding time was done they sat in their high chairs and played with toys while David and I ate our dinner, it was our first FAMILY MEAL!! I am so proud of my big girls!

David quickly put together a short little 30 second clip of our feeding time -- which I imagine was a big job since we had the camera on record for about an hour!

And, here are some pictures I took. As you can tell, Lyla was sleepy -- she woke up from her nap early and had already been awake for about 30 min when we started eating, Pressy pretty much got out of the crib (actually the swing this time) and into her high chair so she was a little more perky.

Here are the girlies playing while David and I ate. Such good girls!


Susan said...

Ok those are such cute pictures!!! Even with the girls lookin messy, it's just adorable!

Gage Family said...

LOVE the video!
D.T., you're so talented!!
that 'fast forward' option seems awesome for babies b/c you want to get them doing things but sometimes it takes fooooreeever!

Regina Stoner said...

They are soooo cute! They look like little baby dolls in high chairs. Great job on the video, too! Miss you!!

Lorren said...

Joe, they are adorable! I can't believe how red Pressley's hair looks in those pictures! And Lyla's hair is adorable- you can't even see the "bald" spots :) honestly, you can't. You have beautiful daughters! I love how people open their own mouths when they feed their babies. In the video you can definitely see you opening up when you give Pressley some food. Very cute!

Anonymous said...

Man, these girls look so much alike. I don't know how you can tell them apart!! The video is so cute (good job, David). The photos with the beautiful orange of the carrots are adorable.
Mom K.

M<3M said...

What a grat update. The girls look so big!!! Can't wait to see you 4 again!!

Katie said...

Tell David that was a great video! I loved the second picture with Pressley's mouth in a big "o"!