Sunday, July 13, 2008

Uncle Brent!

As I mentioned, the girls finally got to meet Uncle Brent. It was so wonderful to get to see my brother with my daughters -- at last!! He was so good to them!

He walked around down town Greenville wearing them.

He let them drool on him (drool and spit up happened several times! I think he even had to do laundry... what a great Uncle!)

He read to them.

He played with them.

He swam with them.

And for some reason it seems we only had the camera out when Brent was spending time with Lyla. I know he did more with Pressley than just swim with her!! (and, he swam with Lyla too, which I have a picture of, but she was featured enough in this post!)

Oh, and yes, Lyla has a silly ribbon tied in her hair in most of these pictures. My mom and I tied it in her hair after lunch -- the festive, 4th of July ribbons held our flatware together.


Harris Boys said...

awww what sweet photos..he looks natural with them...what a great uncle!!!

Katie said...

I love these pictures! I'm so glad Uncle Brent was featured in a post!

Susan said...

he's gonna be such a fun uncle to have!