Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Trip to Greenville

Once again, after a trip, I've stalled blogging. There is just so much to tell!

Here are the highlights:

~The girlies got to meet Uncle Brent!!! Finally!!! My brother Brent lives in Ohio and although the girlies had met his wife, it just didn't work out for them to meet Brent -- he has been very busy with work.

~The girlies are laughing out loud. At everything! They have started laughing more and more every day. For example, as I type, Pressy is lying on the playmat just laughing out loud, not at anything in particular, just laughing.

~Lyla has learned how to shriek. This has actually happened since we've been home. Its so funny! When she first started David and I thought she was upset, then we realized she was happy. She shrieks so loud it scares Pressy and makes her cry. The whole thing is very entertaining. I have to catch it on video tape.

~Pressy finally rolled over from her belly to her back. Shes done it a couple of times, but its always during a nap so I haven't actually seen her do it yet!

~Lyla rolled over from her back to her belly. Unfortunately she rolled right into the coffee table and hasn't done it since. She will get close, up on her side but rolls right back onto her back.

~The girlies have started to notice each other. They stare and smile at each other. Its absolutely precious! Right now, as Pressy is laughing, Lyla has her hand on Pressy's face and keeps putting her hand in her mouth when she laughs. Its so fun to know that they are aware of each other.

~The girlies went swimming for the first time! They weren't so crazy about it -- even with *warm* pool water. They love the tub, but weren't thrilled with the pool. It was just a blow up kiddie pool in my parents back yard. I have fun pictures of this experience and will post soon.

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Katie Kruithof said...

I can't wait to hear Lyla shriek! It's so funny that it scares Pressley! I miss those girls already!