Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm in love...

I started making baby food last night. And, I LOVE IT! I love it, love it, love it! I could do this for a living -- is there a way to do that?? If anyone wants home-made, organic baby food, I'm your girl!! I'll make the flavors of your choice, freeze them and you can pick them up (or maybe I can ship them!) anytime. I think I may have something here.... Joelliekins baby food!

The girlies have just started eating cereal this week -- they pretty much demanded it. They went from drinking about 28 oz of formula a day to about 34, they have been waking up in the middle of their naps begging for more food. So, we decided to give cereal a try. Lyla has done wonderful! She takes it in her mouth, makes a funny face and then swallows it -- perfect. Pressy on the other hand.... I can't get her to stop laughing and smiling long enough to give it a try! As soon as I put the food in she grins and giggles and it slides right back out -- perfect -- in Pressy's own way.

So, back to the baby food making. I've always wanted to make my own baby food. I always assumed I would love it. I love cooking, I love babies -- ideal blend of my two favs, right? Well, its more than ideal, its more than a hobby, it is now a passion! In the last 24 hours I've made carrot puree, green been puree, banana whip, pear puree and sweet potato cream (ok, so its sweet potato puree but I thought I'd said "puree" too much). If I had more organic fruits or veggies in the house, they would be baby food by now. I've only stopped because I ran out of foods to turn into baby food.

I am seriously taking orders now... just "comment" with your order! :o) If only it were that easy!!

Ok, enough rambling. Here are some pictures of the process:

First, I steamed my veggie/fruit. In this case, carrots.

Here are the pears cooking... you can't steam them as they are so tender they will turn to mush in the steamer. So, I cooked them in apple juice, for a flavor the girlies are already used to (Lyla has had some constipation problems -- and Pressy too on occasion -- and a little apple juice does the trick!).

Freeze them in ice cube trays. These are the ice cube trays I got as a wedding gift from Sue. I was telling David tonight, how funny it is... I've never used these before because all of our fridges have had built in ice cube makers, but yet I've kept them around all this time and now they are responsible for making my babies food! Kinda cool, huh?

Here is a bowl of carrot ready to eat! Look at that color!! Isn't it brilliant?!?

And here is how I will store the food. Actually, I bought new zip lock baggies tonight, I wrote the name of the food, the date I made it and the date I need to discard it. Frozen baby food only lasts about 6 weeks.

I haven't taken any pictures of the green beans yet, but I will. The green is so lovely! I'm crazy about all these colors. In fact, I want to eat what they are eating, it looks so appetizing! Hey, that might be a new diet idea....


Harris Boys said...

good for you for sticking with it...I hate cooking and making baby food was not so easy for me. I made a few batches, but found buying the jars were easier for me...such a slacker I know :)

Anonymous said...

Sign me up for May!! I'll send in my order when the little one arrives!!! I would definitely prefer homemade to store bought but somehow I'm getting the feeling that I'm not going to have any desire to come home from teaching all day to steam and boil the produce drawer in my fridge! LOL

Last Paradise said...

Yay Jo!! I'm glad you had fun :) How did the feeding go? Which one did you try first?

Katie said...

Good for you Joelle! That's so fun!

Susan said...

Sue as in me gave you those as a wedding gift?
I know of somebody else who makes their own baby food and they love it too! It cuts down on costs too right - which is ALWAYS a plus! Oh, and I love the name of your business. :)