Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Big, Giant, HUGE news!!!

Pressley has a TOOTH!!!
Can you believe it?!? I can't!!! My babies are growing up! I didn't suspect the tooth at all, she hadn't been fussy or irritable, but on Monday she wouldn't take her nap, I got her out of the crib while on the phone with Lorren and jokingly said "maybe shes cutting a tooth!", I put my finger in, felt the tooth and burst into tears. I was so unprepared to feel such a BIG GIRL thing!

I hope to get a picture to share soon, but as you can imagine, photographing a baby tooth in a baby mouth isn't very easy.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I can't wait to see that tooth. Does it make her look older? What a clever girl...and a "laid back" girl to cut a tooth without anyone suspecting it!

Susan Sene said...

what a big girl!!

Harris Boys said...

yay pressley!!! growing up too fast

Katie said...

that's so crazy! i still think of the girls as such little babies!