Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pressley made 2 new friends today!

Yes, Pressley finally found her feet today. Since she discovered them, she hasn't let them go! She is trying her darnedest to get her big toe in her mouth.

(see my other big girl sitting up in the background!)


Lorren said...

Wow, you've had quite a day! You're girls are growing up way to fast! They've got teeth, rolling over, sitting up, grabbing feet, putting pacies in each other's mouths... You've got to slow them down or they'll be walking by Sunday!

Katie said...

aww, yay pressley! these girls are simply amazing! love all of you!

Melissa said...


I hung out with Lorren recently and she told me that you were curious where I find my fabrics (Oh, I check your blog too! I love to read about your little girls!!) I usally buy it from vendors on Etsy, is a favorite. Let me know if you have any questions for me, I'd love to help. I don't know if you already use it, but I would definitly recommend Steam-a-Seam2 (you can find it at Joann's) for the appliqueing. You may already be using that though. Anyways, hope that helps! Have a great week with your darlings :)


P.S. you can also do a google or ebay search for some of these designers and think you might like their fabrics: Michael Miller, Sis Boom, Amy Butler, and Alexander Henry.