Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pool Time.... FINALLY!!

We've taken the girls in the tub (of course!) and they LOVE it, we've taken them in the baby pool and they hated it, then tolerated it, but we hadn't done the "big" pool, until Sunday.

In one word, It was a ......


The girlies adored the pool!! They both took turns riding in cousin Johns pool float and they were totally chill! Completely relaxed just enjoying themselves. It was so precious! I have some pics of Pressy in the float and Lyla in Daddy's arms, but then the memory card was full, so I don't have any of Lyla in the float, but she did the same thing, just laid back and enjoyed herself.

How could you not relax when you have a pacie in your mouth and a pacie in your lap, just in case??

And yes, we now have floats very similar to this of our very own! How could we not buy some?!? Aren't they adorable??

And, as I mentioned, cousin John -- my cousin, Abby's son (and Abby) are here visiting. It has been such a wonderful week! We've had so much fun with them!! And, Abby has been a big help, taking care of my regular 3 has been a breeze with Abby around, and although John is all boy and very curious right now, he has been a joy to have around, too!

And one more of my little pool babe...


Karen said...

Fun times! Kate *loves* the water! They are so cute in the float. And I totally relate to the back-up paci! LOL! Kate usually goes to bed with three pacis in her crib just in case.

Katie said...

cute pictures! i wish they had those pool rings for adults! i love john playing with the girls too. i'm glad you've had fun visiting with abby!