Friday, August 1, 2008

TOYS, toys, toys!

We were given so many wonderful gifts for the girls, we have a closet full of clothes and were given all of our "big" gifts (high chairs -- which I absolutely LOVE, our cribs, glider, car seats -- all of which I love, but the high chairs are new to us!), but we didn't get many toys. So, that left David and I the wonderful job of SHOPPING for toys! It has been sooooo much fun, and I have done many hours of research trying to decide which toys my girlies needed. There are still several more that I want to get them, but we took advantage of Babies R Us Super Friday sale and got several great deals.

Since the girlies are learning to sit up, we went for mostly lap and sitting toys. Hopefully they will enjoy them!

Here are some of the toys I still want to get them -- they have great ratings and reviews! If anyone has advice or suggestions of toys to get or avoid, please weigh in!

Movers and Shakers: cow and mouse. This is a simple (and cheap) toy that I think the girls will love, they love shaky toys. I looked all over BRU for them tonight but couldn't find them!

LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical table.

Chicco Baby Activity Walker (or something like this -- this would be a good Christmas gift for us to give them!)

I really want to get them this Parent Mirror Pound-A-Ball -- David and I watched what toys the kids in nursery enjoyed the most and this one was HUGELY popular!

I think Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Home is just a cute toy for little girls. It should definitely wait until Christmas (or when we have more space!!).

The Fisher-Price Go, Baby, Go! Crawl and Cruise Musical Jungle is adorable! Lorren and I spent some time online together today and picked out several of Fisher-Price's new toys that are just too cute! They will be released on August 18th.

The Fisher-Price Go, Baby, Go! Sit-to-crawl Polar Coaster is also adorable... and also not available until the 18th.

And or course there are more, but this will give you an idea of the fun I've had shopping for and researching toys lately! Its so much fun watching my girlies grow and develop new skills. We have so much fun playing with them! Last night they were only happy if they were standing. Tonight they loved sitting (supported by a boppy pillow or bumbo) and playing with their new toys.


Last Paradise said...

HOORAY for the stackey cups! John LOVES them, espicially the smiley face ball that comes with them- he carries that everywhere!

David and Joelle Turner's Blog said...

Yeah, the girls already love the stackey cups! They like me to connect 2 of the cups into a ball and put the little smiley face inside the ball so it rattles and jingles. Of course they would LOVE the $6.99 toy!

Susan Sene said...

I really hope you can get some free toys from that House Party!

Regina Stoner said...

I'd say that the one with the penguins is a MUST have! Maybe Uncle Chris and Aunt Regina can get them this one for Christmas :-). Will that be too late??

David and Joelle Turner's Blog said...

Regina, I always think of you when I see Penguins! There is another penguin toy that Fisher-Price is about to release but this one is much cooler! I don't think Christmas would be too late... they'd be 10 months old then and they suggested age is 6 months and up. The baby in the picture is probably 9 or 10 months old.

Velma said...

Thanks for writing this.