Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Have you seen these things?!?

They are little mesh bags that you can put food in for babies to eat. I put frozen peaches in them for the girlies. They LOVE them!!!! Especially Lyla, I think she is working HARD to catch up to her sister and sprout some teeth and these frozen peaches feel good to her gums. Pressy enjoys it as well, but usually leaves some peach behind which Lyla is more than happy to take care of for her.

Here are the girlies enjoying their frozen peaches and watching Baby Einstein. This has become our post-lunch routine. I roll the high chairs into the living room, give them their frozen peaches and let them watch Baby Einstein. It would be the perfect time for me to put their laundry away -- which I never seem to have time to do because when I could put it away (when they are awake and NOT sleeping in their room), I'm too busy playing with them -- but, they are so darn cute sucking on their peaches I don't get as much accomplished as I would like.


Lorren said...

Great pictures! I'm dragging my feet with the whole food thing, but that does look fun! Maybe we'll start soon.

Jessica Turner said...

My friend Kari used those for Corbin and they seem to be one of the most brilliant invention of late for babies! Glad the girls are enjoying them!

Gage Family said...

sooo cute! warren loved it when i put apple slices in there. he loved the juice!