Friday, August 1, 2008

I owe you lots of posts

For some reason I've been slack in posting lately. Could it be because we've started solid foods and I am now doing about 2 extra loads of laundry and 3 more runs of the dishwasher per week? Or the fact that Pressy has decided she never wants to let me out of her sight? Which, by the way, is terribly flattering, but its difficult to get anything done!

Did anyone notice I never posted 4 month pictures or stats from their 4 month dr visit? I have the stats, but I didn't take any pictures!! I still feel horrible about that. But we traveled to Greenville for the 4th of July on their birthday and I didn't manage to get any pictures taken.

Well, I am going to catch up. I have several cute photos I've been wanting to share and I'll post the stats and a solid food update and a few other things over the next couple days so check back often (and leave lots of comments, you know I love 'em!).

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Brenda said...

We noticed no 4 month OR 5 month pictures! We will forgive you, though. The pictures we have are Great! We are fortunate the girls have such good photographers for parents.