Friday, September 5, 2008

Big Girlies eating in restaurants!

The girlies did great at restaurants their first couple of months (like most babies), then it got old. They had a hard time staying in their carries long enough for us to eat a meal. We had pretty much resigned ourselves to meals at home for a while, until we got these:

They girlies are now fabulous little diners!

Here we are at Tin Drum, one of our favorite Asian restaurants. (i can't believe how filthy the door is behind Lyla!)

And here we are at Taco Mac with Aunt Abby, Uncle Jeff, cousin John and our friends Ashely, Will, Shari and Kidd.

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Lorren said...

I miss them so much! They are such big girls! I think we're going to start Savannah on cereal tomorrow... but who knows, we may put it off for forever :)