Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Visit with Abby and John Goff!

This is way overdue! Abby and John spent a week with us in August, we had so much fun! John did a great job of showing me what I needed to do to child-proof for the girlies. I wish I had more toys that interested him, although he did think kicky-bear was pretty cool!

The last time we spent time with John was in May, he has grown up so much! He was very interested in the girlies and VERY helpful! He loved to help feed them their bottle -- and he really, really loved sneaking a shot of formula from time to time.

Lyla fell head over heels in love with John! He didn't even have to look at her, just in her direction and she broke out in uncontrollable giggles and grins. And when he did pay attention to her, Oh my! She was gone!! (i can't belive I don't have any good pictures of this!)

It was a busy week around here, but I'm so glad I got to spend that time with Abs and John!!

Abby blogged about our swimming adventures here.


Susan Sene said...

Aw that picture of Pressy looking up at John is so cute!

Last Paradise said...

I love them all- but especially the one of the 3 of them having 'diaper time' on the blankey!!!! We miss you!

Janet said...

Such cute pictures and the cheer leading video was wonderful. David needs to start practicing! It was nice to hear and see that Abby and John got to spend time with all of you.