Friday, September 5, 2008

Lyla Adelaide

Lyla is our adventurer! She is so independent, her favorite way to play is to be put in the middle of the floor and roll. She isn't crawling yet, but has no problem getting all around the house -- she is even able to aim for things now! She will see a toy across the room that she wants and she will roll and wiggle her way over to it. She is truly amazing!

AKA: Lyla-bean, Beanie, Beanie-baby, Beaner

LIKES: Rolling! swimming, being bounced on a seat cousin by her Uncle Brent, eating frozen peaches, having raspberries blown on her belly and having her belly "chewed" on, the Fisher-Price gumball toy (she loves pushing the button and making it light up and sing -- she does it all by herself!), being lifted up in the air

DISLIKES: sitting still -- thats about it, if the girl is moving, she's happy!


Susan Sene said...

what a big girl!! Love the updated bio...and so glad you're back - I really missed reading your blog. :)

Crystal said...

They are both sooo cute Joelle!

Lorren said...

I forgot how cute she was steering the boat! I only have a picture of Pressley on my camera. Lyla was so funny. She fit perfectly on that steering wheel- hands gripping the top and feet standing on the bottom of the wheel. What a doll! We miss her too!