Friday, September 5, 2008

Speaking of eating...

Since we're on the subject of eating, I'll update you on these big girlies diets!

I've made everything they've eaten (except the rice cereal) and have loved it!! We have come across anything they don't like, but they do have some favorites.

They have eaten rice cereal (plain and flavored), carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, beets, avocado, banana, pears, apples, butternut squash, yogurt and peaches. I think thats everything.

They are now eating 3 times a day, I just added breakfast in this week and I noticed their morning nap lengthen right away! Yea!

Here are some mealtime photos.


For one meal at the lake we fed them their whole dinner through the mesh bags, they enjoyed it and I know its good for them to learn to feed themselves, but WHAT A MESS!! They had peaches, banana and avocado. Then we took them out back and tossed them in the lake! Not really, but they did go straight to the tub!!


Susan Sene said...

ahhhh haha - what cute faces!

Katie said...

those dirty girls are hilarious! sticky, yet oh so lovable!

Lorren said...

Does Lyla have some eye lashes on her or what?! I love those messy babies. I guess I'll have one on my hands pretty soon!