Friday, September 5, 2008

Pressley Miller

Pressley is our lover, her favorite place to be is in someone's arms. She is a very cheerful, fun-loving girl, and, unlike her sister, is perfectly happy staying in one place!

AKA: Pretzels, Pressy, Pressy-poo, Pretzel-Wetzel

LIKES: Attention! Eating, she would gladly trade in her bottle for food all the time! The Fisher-Price rock and stack (one of our free toys from FP!), the exersaucer, swimming, Tucker, looking and laughing at Lyla

DISLIKES: Mommy walking out of the room, cold food (like yogurt), I guess thats about it

1 comment:

Lorren said...

I love Pressley Miller! We sure do miss that little cutie pie!