Monday, September 22, 2008

First Boo Boo

While we were in NJ (pictures to come...), Lyla tumbled over onto a plastic monkey toy and got her first boo-boo, a little bruise on her forehead. It was never very bad, in fact, it showed up more as it was healing then it did right after she fell. You can kinda see it here above her left eye.

And, the book shes chewing on, Rainbow Fish, I bought at a garage sale -- or was given for free when I bought another toy -- it is a fav around here!! They love to chew on it.

And, the hair (my hair), wrapped around her fingers is so typical. Drives me nuts! I find my hair all over the house and always in their hands. And now they have started pulling hair which has only makes it worse.


Last Paradise said...

Poor Baby!!! Again, another first of many more!

Harris Boys said...

poor lyla!! the boys have scraps and bruises all the time...I thought it was just a boy

Lorren said...

Love that photo!!! What a gorgeous little niece I have!