Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our first ILLNESS!

We've had little colds, runny noses and rashes, but this is our first biggie. Pressy has an ear infection! It breaks my heart to see her this way. It has gotten pretty bad because she was on an antibiotic already. Let me back up. When I took them in for their 6 month appointment a week and a half ago the dr said she had some fluid on her ear, since David has a nasty history of ear infections, she decided to treat it with an antibiotic right away. When we went to NJ I forgot the rest of her Rx (she had 2 1/2 days left), I called the dr and she said it was probably fine, and didn't call any more in to the pharmacy in NJ.

Since Pressy is teething, I expected her to be a little fussy. Her top teeth are soooo close, there are big white bulges in her gums and I know they are going to pop through any day now. So, since I assumed her fussiness was related to her teething, and she was already on an antibiotic, I didn't do anything. Today she was sooo fussy and her low-grade fever (which I assumed was from the teething), spiked to 102. I called David, he came home from work and took Pressy to the doc (I stayed home with Lyla and Leah). The doc said Pressy's ear infection had ruptured her ear drum! He put her on a stronger antibiotic and gave us drops to help her ear drum heal.

She is sooo pitiful! She has slept almost the whole afternoon, we can't even get her to wake up to drink her bottle. Its like she is so exhausted from the pain and fussing, she has just kinda given up. I think thats a good thing for now, she can rest and let her little body heal.

Please pray for her! It really does just break my heart to see her this way.

This is how she was almost all day, sound asleep (hopefully recovering!) in her swing. We tried to give her a bottle and some food, hence the bib, but she wouldn't eat or drink. In the end I don't think we did too bad, she drank about 16-18oz total, she normally drinks around 28. But all she ate was 1/2 a yogurt first thing in the morning and she is normally a VERY good eater.

Hopefully THIS antibiotic will do the trick and she will be back to her old self in no time!

On a side note, Miss Lyla has decided to get some attention too and has refused to go to bed!! It took us about 3 hours to get her to sleep last night. She goes from not tired at all and raring to go to exhausted and unable to keep her eyes open but figiting to stay awake with all her might! I don't know what thats about, but its just the icing on the cake to two already worn out parents.


Susan Sene said...

Aww poor lil Pressy. I will pray for a quick recovery and non-anxious parents. :) She looks so sweet sleeping in her chair. **sending lots of good well wishes and hugs and kisses**

Katie said...

Poor Pressley! She look just exhausted! We're praying for you all! Love you!

Harris Boys said...

more little thing. I hate to see my kids sick...esp when there is nothing you can do to take the pain away. hope the meds work fast and she feels better soon!!! ::HUGS::