Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Swaddle Me, NO more!

Hey Folks! It's Daddy T. here! Just wanted to share with you about our little girls taking another step to getting even more grown up, as it happens. Tonight we shed the swaddles and let the girls sleep freely. Lyla has started flipping to her belly in her sleep and with the swaddle this could be bad news. So... off they come and WOW, I had no idea how important those things are for a sleeping baby. This has been one of the hardest nights getting the girls to sleep but I think we finally have them down to stay for the night around 9:45 after completely missing 2 naps @ 530 and 8.
Its pretty cute to watch them sleep unrestricted. Lyla is definitely like daddy when it comes to sleeping. She's all over the place, as you've seen before. Now her arms and legs are going in all directions. Occasionally, she even gets herself on her side or even over to her belly (which, as I mentioned, was the start of this whole issue). Pressley is pretty content laying on her back but she does some wiggling of her own. Sometimes she just throws one leg straight up in the air and leaves it there for about a minute before she puts it back down. Both girls seem to like keeping their fist balled up right in front of their face. The problem with this is they tend to knock there pacifiers out and that's when the crying starts. For us, it then becomes a race to get the pacie back in before they wake their sister.

Well, it's now 10:45 and after an hour of sleeping Lyla hasn't made a peep and Pressley has lost her pacie about 10 times and cried everytime. Thank goodness her sister hasn't been phased by her yet. Since it seems to be going well I think it's about time for me to head to bed myself. I hope you enjoyed my little commentary on night 1 without swaddles. We'll continue to keep you posted and maybe we can work out some pics and video later when things get a little more settled down and back to normal.

By the way, Jo had to take Pressley to the doctor today because a bad rash she had all over. Turns out she has some sort of virus, which could explain how fussy she's been lately. The doctor said she would be fine, we just need to let the virus run it's course. She said we could all catch it from her but it's unlikely that Jo or I would get a rash. Viruses apparently manifest themselves in different ways for different people.

Well, thats all for tonight. Good night, all. Talk to you later!


Last Paradise said...

David- Good to hear about life from your perspective!!! Keep it up :)

Turner said...

Don't forget to save those swaddlers! We call dibs...